Clearwater Biotech routes a notification to your email address as soon as testing is complete.  You may access your Certificate of Analysis (COA) via personalized access to our web portal, and you may print or download a copy for your local files.

In addition to test results, our COAs include QR Codes that enable scannable access to COAs from your product label.

Our Certifying Scientists are available to you personally for clarification of test results and to provide guidance on next steps when appropriate.  This is an uniquely helpful feature in the industry and we encourage you to take advantage of it.

You may view an example COA below for the type of material you most often need tested (programming note: one example per green heading)


Flowers Distillate Sublinguals (oils and tinctures)
Leaves Full & broad spectrum oil Ingestibles (powders, capsules and pills, edibles and beverages
Stems THC-free Oil Inhalables (vape liquid, inhalant, smokable products where legal)
Roots Isolate Topicals


Crude Water solubles Pet and livestock products
Winterized Crumble Specialty products (Soap, suppositories etc.)
Filtered Shatter


We maintain electronic files in a database, accessible only by you and Clearwater, that Clients often use for reference and crop/product planning.  We also retain sample material for future reference at your direction, and as required for testing that must be reported to regulatory authorities.

We provide traceability by linking test results to Clients’ lot and batch identification

We provide guidance in instances where testing reveals high THC content

We will review on request, and may be able to electronically integrate with Clients’ information systems