Luxor Scientific LLC is our CLIA- and COLA-certified and DEA-registered clinical laboratory, led scientifically by Marion Snyder, PhD, DABCC and Emily Ryan, PhD, DABCC. Through Luxor, which physically adjoins Clearwater, we offer supplemental clinical testing, when and if desired, that often compliments your business.

  • Genetic testing of individuals to determine which cannabinoids and which CBD products

    • Affect or don’t affect them, and in what general amounts

    • May have undesirable interactions with their other medications

  • Toxicology testing of individuals to precisely differentiate between use of CBD products or THC products

    • Shown to be effective in avoiding law suits by individuals against processors and employers for wrongful denial of employment or dismissal from employment

CBD/THC Testing Services

Luxor Scientific Receives Provisional Patent for CBD/THC Differentiation Testing.  Luxor offers a patent pending supplemental test that separates THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana) from CBD (the legal and popular dietary supplement that purportedly has a number of healthy benefits).  We often find that individuals take CBD products, and fail typical drug screens as a result.  This test separates the two compounds and gives employees the greatest opportunity to fall into compliance with the employer’s policy.

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