About Clearwater Biotech
Clearwater Biotech LLC is a specialized analytical laboratory serving the industrial hemp industry. Our team includes seasoned and recognized technical and business leaders. We are a consultative service provider, committed to delivering the highest value to the industry in terms of science, service and cost.

We contribute to both your technical and financial results, including:

  • Minimizing Client risk and workload
  • Optimizing results within regulations
  • Cost-efficient and expedited services
  • Personalized, flexible support from people committed to your success

“A member of my family was involved in an automobile accident that
permanently affected their central nervous system. They became
subject to shaking when fatigued, similar to early Parkinson’s Disease.
After exploring numerous treatments, we discovered that a
natural blend of cannabinoids fairly eliminated the effects of the accident.
As an open-minded scientist, and one from a family of physicians,
I determined to participate in this field because of the
problem-solving and healthy lifestyle benefits my family had seen.”

Marion L. Snyder, PhD, DABCC
Chief Science Officer, Luxor Scientific LLC

We work across the entire hemp marketplace

We work with the following clients:

  • Seed Developers and Producers
  • Farmers
  • Processors and Formulators
  • Wholesalers and Retailers
  • Importers and Exporters
  • Other Laboratories
  • Legal and Law Enforcement

Clearwater is one of the few laboratories with the capability to perform in-house research and development, and provide scientific guidance as well as operate a “working lab”.

Through our Clinical Laboratory, Luxor Scientific LLC, we also serve the periphery of the hemp industry, including genetic and toxicology testing to
Identify the cannabinoids that most positively affect individuals
Identify possible interactions between cannabinoids and medications
Differentiate between CBD and THC in the body.