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Testing Services

Our Laboratory is headquartered in Greenville and has been servicing South Carolina’s hemp program since it’s initiation in 2018.

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Industry Standards

We provide laboratory and related services to farmers, handlers and processors while being committed to delivering the highest value to the industry in terms of science, service and cost.

Optimal Results

While we are scientifically sound and regulatory compliant, we avail ourselves of every regulatory provision to deliver optimal results for your business. We repeat tests automatically when results are not as expected, and our Certifying Scientists are available to you personally to help interpret results.

Competitive Pricing & Discounts

We offer competitive pricing and bundled discounts for the most advanced testing in the industry. In addition, we provide the first cannabinoid profile on a complimentary basis.

Fast & Convenient Testing

With excellent turnaround times, we test virtually all forms of plant, extracts, refined and formulated products; and we offer Rush Processing when you need it.

A Variety Of Payment Methods

Without mark-up, we accept payment by credit card, as well as by check and cash.

The Assurance Of DEA Registration

The DEA has authority over all controlled substances, which include THC, regardless of USDA requirements of labs. Working with a DEA-registered lab eliminates the likelihood of your product being seized simply because it was found in an unauthorized facility.

Customized Testing Plans

We will gladly help develop customize testing plans for your business, in the interest of optimizing results within regulations, and holding total cost to a minimum.

Our Accreditations
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